1) Q: What does the rent include?

A: The rental fee covers all essential services, including utilities and internet, and allows for comfortable living in a fully furnished apartment. Additionally, tenants have access to various amenities offered by the building, such as a gym, swimming pool, rooftop, etc. (if available). The accommodation is open to individuals who are not necessarily students. The housing provider specializes in purpose-built residences and caters to both students and young professionals seeking co-living arrangements. If you have any questions about your eligibility to apply, please reach out to our booking team.

2) Q: What is the procedure for making rent payments?

A: Upon check-out, you are solely obligated to pay the deposit, which serves as a reservation for your room. The initial rent payment becomes due upon your move-in. For instance, if today is January 15 and you wish to book a room from March 1 to September 31, you are required to pay the deposit amount to secure your room on the current date. The first rent payment can be made at any time before March 1. To obtain the keys to your apartment, you must submit the first rent payment. Essentially, the deposit guarantees the room reservation, while the first rent payment grants you access to the keys.

3) Q: What are the prerequisites for making a booking?

A: In order to make a booking, you will be required to go through the verification process, which involves uploading several documents including a photo ID, proof of study (or proof of work for non-students), proof of address, and ID proof of a guarantor. Additionally, you will need to make the deposit payment as specified during the booking process. It is important to note that if you are a student, proof of study is necessary instead of proof of work. The entire verification process can be conveniently completed online.

4) Q: What does proof of guarantor entail?

A: "Proof of guarantor" refers to documentation that confirms the presence of a guarantor who has agreed to ensure or "guarantee" a tenancy agreement or contract. A guarantor is typically an individual such as a parent, spouse, relative, or similar party, who pledges to cover the tenant's financial obligations if the tenant fails to make the required payments for any reason.

5) Q: Why am I unable to choose my preferred dates?

A: The move-in date options are limited to the first or last day of the month only.

6) Q: What is the process for my friend and me to rent an apartment together?

A: While bookings are typically made individually, you have the option to request to live in the same apartment as your friend. The housing provider will make their best effort to accommodate this request, but it is subject to availability.

7) Q: Are the accommodation premises gender-mixed or co-ed?

A: Based on availability at the time of booking, the accommodation premises offer options for all-female, all-male, and mixed apartments. Please communicate your preference during the booking process, and the housing provider will make every effort to accommodate your request.